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Go Figure

Showing at Föenander Galleries until June 9th

Go Figure is a short group exhibition featuring a selection of new and unseen figurative works from gallery artists and guests – including Jamie Chapman’s online lockdown project – The Iso Series – in which the artist painted a series small portraits each day of lockdown, which gained a cult like following on instagram. Amongst Chapman’s installation of small portraits, are well known political figures (local and international), alongside figures who gained public attention due to covid 19 media coverage, as well as friends, fellow artists and one two pets.

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Isolation Series



During the COVID lockdown I’ve been working on an isolation portrait series. This series was inspired initially by my isolation bubble and lockdown experience but has evolved over the lockdown period to include bubbles from across the globe with the majority of  portraits being requested by the general public. This series consists of many 165mmx135mm oil on board portraits, with each painting process captured in a time-lapse video. Head over to my Instagram and check it out